How to catch Spuddy in Bugsnax

Hot potato.


Image via Sony

Spuddy is an interesting creature in Bugsnax. They are hyper-aggressive and will charge you if you get close to them at all. They also don’t get caught in your Snak Trap, and will just smash it out of the way if you put on down too close to them. 

If you are wondering how to catch them, the trick is to use their aggression against them. Spuddys are a little different than other Bugsnax because they don’t run away from things that scare them, instead, they run straight at them. 

Spuddys are also so territorial that they fear other Spuddys and will charge at them if they see them. To catch a Spuddy, all you need to do is get two of them close together, they will charge each other, and both will become stunned, meaning you can run up to them and hit Square and catch them in your net. 

To lure the Spuddy, the easiest way is to use ketchup, as they love it, or just stand in front of them and let them charge you. A Spuddy is not going to turn after it starts running, it will simply charge in a straight line until it runs out of steam. Get two Spuddys close together this way, and then will charge each other, making them easy to grab.

Spuddys don’t have a fixed spawn time either, if you visit the Scorched Gorge at any point they should be there, walking around and being angry about things.