How to catch the Daddy Cakelegs in Bugsnax

Time for some cake.


Daddy Cakelegs is a massive Bugsnack that you will need to catch for Snorpy. He can found on the Frosted Peak, and it’s quite a battle to cut this guy down to size. To begin the fight, you will need to light a candle. Set up your Trip Shot on top of the flare near the door, so that it catches on fire. Aim at the candle and shoot to light it.

When the Daddy Cakelegs appears, he will cause some large chunks of ice to form. You need to use the Trip Shot to hit one, then he will walk into it and light up one of the candles on either side of his body. Get both of them and you can move onto the next stage. The only tricky part here is that the flaming Trip Shot will melt the ice, so you need to time it well to have him walk into it before this happens.

When you hit both candles he will disappear, leaving behind some smaller cakes. They will start to walk out of the cave and you can follow them to his new location, and repeat the process again. Light both candles and you can once again follow the small cakes to his new home.

The third portion is similar, except you need to set up your Trip Shot on the campfire, and you will only need to light a single candle. The easiest way to do it is to let the Daddy Cakelegs smack you. You will freeze, but you can break the ice by hitting Square, then it is easy to hit the remaining candle as he stops moving for a moment.

Pick up the tiny Daddy Cakelegs, then feed it to Snorpy to finish the quest.