How to catch the Megamaki in Bugsnax

One big fish.


Image via Sony

Wiggle will ask for your help catching a monstrous Bugsnack. She hopes that eating it will give her the inspiration to write another classic song. She will lead you to Boiling Bay and will lure the Megamaki to the beach by singing one of her songs.

When the Megamaki shows up it is a truly giant Bugsnack, made up of several smaller ones. If you scan it, you will see that it can only be caught when all the smaller sections are removed.

To do this, you will need your Trip Shot. Set it up on a rock and then shoot the wire through the Megamaki’s path. When it hits the wire, it will break up. Switch to your Snak Grappler and grab as many of the smaller sections as you can before the time runs out. When it does, the Megamaki will reform, and you can begin the process again.

It’s pretty straight forward after that, just boiling down to break him up, catching as many pieces as you can, and then repeating when he rebuilds. You will probably need to dump some of the Bugsnax in your bag to be able to pick up all the pieces, so just make sure you don’t drop any important ones that you need for missions.

When you finally get rid of all the pieces, the Megamaki can be caught with the Snak Grappler, and you can feed it to Wiggle to finish up the quest.