How to catch the Sweet Fryder – Fry With Me – Bugsnax

Sweet andf savory.


Image via Sony

Cromdo will ask you to catch an awkwardly placed Sweet Fryder for him. He isn’t wrong, the Sweet Fryder is walking around on a wall that is impossible to reach, but thankfully you have the tools you need to catch it. 

First things first, make sure you scan the Sweet Fryder to add it to your Bugapedia. After that, it’s time to get crafty. You will need to set up your launchpad on the ground, or at the top of the steps, making sure there is no Spuddy around to smash it up. 

After that, place the Snak Trap on the launchpad and aim it at the Sweet Fryder. You will need to time it well, but you can launch the Snak Trap up and grab the Sweet Fryder with it. 

It is actually best to do it when the bug is on the lowest part of its routes, otherwise, you risk smashing the Snak Trap off the wall and breaking it. Don’t worry about the Snak Trap getting stuck up there, it will roll down with the Sweet Fryder inside, but you need to get to it quickly or the little guy will get out and escape. 

If the Spuddys are giving you trouble, you can just lure them close together with ketchup and they will charge each other, and you can then grab them both to get them out of the way. After you have Sweet Fryder, bring it back to Cromdo and feed it to him.