How to catch the White Cheepoof in Bugsnax

Cheesy treats.


Image via Sony

Wiggle will ask you to find her a rare White Cheepoof to eat, so you will need to head back to Scorched Gorge to track this one down. 

First, it is important to know that the White Cheepoof only appears in the Scorched Gorge area between 6:00 PM and 4:00 AM. Just like the regular Cheepoof, they never land, so you will need to catch them the same way you catch the regular Cheepoof. Scan flying Bugsnax until you find one then set up the launchpad close to where it flies. Place your Snak Trap on the launchpad, then hit the L2 button and hold it to aim the launch pad at the Cheepoof. 

Hit the R2 button to fire your Snak Trap at it, and hit R2 again when the Snak Trap is near it to catch the Bugsnax. You will need to be careful not to set it up near some of the more aggressive Bugsnax, as they will knock it over. 

You should also wait to fire the Snak Trap at the Cheepoof until it is flying straight at you. The Snak Trap will just fly through the air, it won’t track the Cheepoof at all so you need time it well. After you catch the White Cheepoof, you can return to Wiggle and feed it to her.