How to catch two Shiskabugs – Pest Control – Bugsnax

Bug repellent.


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Shiskabugs are awkward little Bugsnax, running away and hiding from anything that gets too close. You will need to catch two Shiskabugs for Wampus, so scan one and you will see that they are afraid of Bungers. We can use this to our advantage and have the Bungers scare them into a trap for us. 

The important thing here is trap placements. If you walk up to the Shiskabug in the front of the area it will run into a bush. Set up your trap at the opposite bush, giving plenty of clearance. You won’t be able to close the trap if a Bunger is in the way, so make sure you leave plenty of room. 

Now, hot the bush that the Shiskabug is in with some Ketchup and the Bunger will charge into it. The Shiaskabug will get scared and run out, trying to get to the opposite bush. When it runs past the trap, activate it to catch him. Make sure you grab the trap before the time runs out. 

For the second Shiskabug, move further into the area and you will find him near the cliff at the back. This one is a little different. Scare him into the bush, then set up your trap just beside the stream. You will now need to lure the Bunger to the bush using ketchup, so make sure you grab some off the nearby ketchup plant if you are running low. 

Lure the Bunger to the bush, then watch as the Skiskabug comes running out of it, towards the opposite bush. When it gets to your trap, activate it to catch him. Take both of them back to Wampus and feed them to him to complete the mission.