How To Celebrate in Madden 20


There isn’t much point in scoring touchdowns on your opponents in Madden 20 if you don’t rub it in their nose a little. In this guide, we will show you how to celebrate those skilled plays.

How To Celebrate In Madden 20

You can celebrate either before or after a touchdown. The choice is yours. Celebrating before the touchdown comes with some risks, however. If you want to stick it to your opponent and celebrate before the touchdown, follow the below steps.

  • Hold down LT + RT + A on Xbox One, or L2 + R2 + X on PS4 to showboat while you have the ball in the open field.
  • As you move into the endzone, press LT + X on Xbox One or L2 + Square on the PS4 to dive into the endzone.
  • You should only showboat when you are sure no opposing player can get to your ball carrier. It is pretty much a guaranteed fumble if they tackle you while showboating.

Once you have made it to the endzone, you can then celebrate even more. On both platforms, the right stick controls which celebration you do after a touchdown.

  • Hold the right stick up to trigger a team celebration.
  • Hold the right stick down to trigger a player-specific celebration.
  • Hold the right stick to the right to spike the ball.
  • Hold the right stick to the left to trigger a dance.
  • Push the right stick in to trigger a swag celebration.

And there you go, you now know how to celebrate in Madden 20. Make sure you are careful when it comes to the showboating, it would be a cruel twist of fate to fumble the ball and lose the game because you were not entirely clear of the opposing team’s defense.