How to Change Cal’s Appearance in Jedi: Fallen Order


While you do not have any option to change Cal’s facial appearance in Jedi: Fallen Order, you do have the chance to change what he’s wearing.

To change Cal’s outfit, all you need to do is make it to Bogano, and then open up the main menu. There’s an option called “Customization,” which is where you can change Cal’s outfit, BD-1’s appearance, and the colors of the Mantis. Those who have pre-order bonuses can go in there to access them whenever they want to.

The first option available in the customization menu is Cal’s poncho. It’s the main item that goes over the top of his outfit. These items are not going to modify Cal’s exterior too much, but it offers enough change for players to find a look for their main character that they like.

To find more options, you need to progress through the game and explore planets. There are unique ponchos available hidden away in secret chests. You can often discover these chests by going off the beaten path. BD-1 will comment about how Cal is going the wrong way, which is a good indicator that you’re actually going out of your way to explore.

Later, you’ll get options to change the color of Cal’s overall outfit. These are a bit more difficult to find, and there are far fewer choices than Cal’s poncho options.

If you’re looking to customize Cal’s lightsaber, you’ll need to visit a workbench to modify it and change it out with any of the lightsaber parts you find in chests.