How to Change Between 50, 100, and 150CC in Mario Kart Tour


Mario Kart Tour has races in different CC classes. To unlock three of them, you need to race, and win those races, to reach Player Level 3. You start with access to the 50cc races and will unlock 100cc at level 2, and 150cc at level 3. To get access to 200cc races, you need to purchase the Gold Pass.

How To Change CC In Mario Kart Tour

Change CC

To change CC, you need to do it just before the race starts. Begin by selecting your course. Then choose your driver, kart, and glider. The next screen will show you what CC the race is. To change it, click on the button showing the CC and the available options will pop up. Choose the one you want, then hit OK to start the race.

Keep in mind that CC won’t just change the speed of the race; it will also change the enemy driver behavior. As you increase the CC, they will drive better, be more aggressive with items, and generally work harder to win.

The easiest way to look at the CC of the race is as the difficulty. 50cc is the easiest, 100cc is medium, 150cc is hard, and 200cc is the hardest. You will also earn more points in the higher difficulty races, and can earn more Stars for completing them.

It is a good idea to get used to the controls at 50cc, then start working your way up the difficulty to ensure you are getting the highest points and best possible score. This will also prepare you better for the multiplayer component of the game, which will be unlocking at a future date.