How to change difficulty through modifiers in 30XX

Higher risk, bigger reward.

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What makes games such as 30XX so much fun is the immense challenge that it brings. Whether you are using the Standard or the Mega Mode, the action provides a degree of difficulty that strikes a good balance between difficulty and accessibility, meaning that everyone can enjoy it. The currency that you collect through the game, known as Memoria, can also upgrade your health and abilities, making runs easier as you go.

When looking to change difficulty, you can make changes to the gameplay by adding modifiers to various elements of the game. These can affect how much damage enemies deal to you, strange your rewards as you get further into a run, or even limit your flexibility when it comes to using the various vending machines throughout the game’s levels. By adding these modifiers, you will also scale the amount of Memoria and other rewards throughout your runs.

If you feel like it’s becoming easy for you or wants to maximize your output of upgrades and rewards by increasing the difficulty in your overworld, head to the flashing red station where you can ‘Embrace Entropy.’

Here in the Entropy Cluster, you will be able to add up to eight modifiers in Standard, and seven in Mega Mode (Imminent Rapture is not included), each of which will increase the number of rewards you can receive, which can change depending on which you mix together. Once chosen, simply head into a run, and you will start the run with your modifiers active.

The modifiers include:

Modifier NameDescriptionNumber of times you can apply modifier 
PilgrimageAll levels are longer. Prepare for the longest journey.2
Sacred SpinesSpikes, pits, spike-like things, lasers, and lava (of any color) deal extra damage (3/6/9999). Remember your ancestors3
Zealot’s WrathEnemies deal more damage (+1 per rank). You’ve never looked so frail.3
Rising TideIncreases zone generation level by +2 per rank. Use if “Starting at Level 7” sounds fun. You’re going to die a lot.3
HyperinflationItem costs wildly increased. +50% shop costs per rank.3
Imminent RaptureWhen the timer runs out, you’ll be poisoned until you die. Time shortened by 20% per additional rank.2
Divine ConstructionEnemies and bosses have more health. +50% health per rank.4
Powerless VoidLater levels won’t offer Power rewards at the end. 3 ranks (-2, -4, -6)3