How to change the language settings in Valorant

Modify the settings through a few clicks.

Optimizing your language settings in Valorant is vital to make sure everything is suitable to your preferences. It can make learning about the game substantially easier, and you can quickly see how to assist your teammates in any situation. Modifying these settings only takes a few simple clicks, though, but it’s not straightforward during the Valorant closed beta.

At the moment, you can’t modify the game’s language settings in the in-game menu. You’ll need to do it with your Riot Games account, but you can’t edit any settings within the primary launcher. Instead, you need to do it from Valorant‘s, which usually players miss because of an auto-login function. You can do this by adding the text” -disable-auto-launch” to the shortcut, which is in the shortcut’s properties on your desktop. You can access them by right-clicking the Valorant shortcut found on your desktop.

Doing this brings up Valorant‘s client before it takes you straight to the game. From here, you can access the options icon in the lower right-hand corner of the page. Choose the language options, along with any other option changes you may have, and then accept the changes. Once those have been accepted you need to restart your Valorant client again.

Unfortunately, a good chunk of English words are kept in Valorant because many of them do not have direct translations. These remain the same to ensure communication remains a bit more uniform among all players, but you should notice several of the words and phrases in the game have changed to your chosen language.