How to change time of day in Hunting Simulator 2

The times are a changing.

Hunting Simulator 2

Hunting Simulator 2 is all about carefully tracking animals through some wilderness, then shooting them. You will have access to a variety of weapons, ammo types, optics, and gear to help you take on Mother Nature. Most of the animals have different behavior patterns dictated by things like location and time of day.

Some animals will be more active in the morning, while others prefer a different time of day to wander the map in search of food. You can change the time of day, or at the very least, decide when you actually want to head out hunting.

When you are in the Hunting Lodge, go into the bedroom and walk up to the bed. Interact with it, and you will be able to set the time you wish to go out hunting to either the morning, afternoon, or evening. Which time you choose is up to you, and unfortunately, we haven’t found anything in the game that will tell us what animals will behave in what ways in the game.

We recommend getting some licenses for the Elk, the Bobcat, and the Red Fox and heading out to Pawnees Grasslands. Explore this area at different times of day, making sure you have suitable weapons and ammo to hunt the animals you are licensed for and pay close attention to the tracks you find and the animals you see. The only way to really build up a knowledge base of what the different animals do is to pay close to attention when you are actually out hunting.

We have discovered that afternoons on the Pawnee Grasslands are a great time to find Elk, so if you are looking for a solid way to start your hunting career, that should help you out.