How to change your Nintendo Switch Online account from individual to a family

Play online for less.

Image via Nintendo

While the value you get in Nintendo Switch Online is debatable between the online functionality and voice chat options, at the end of the day, it still allows you to play online with friends and have access to a bunch of old Nintendo games. While having a Switch Online account is straightforward, you may be looking to get in on a family membership to split the cost with others. Here is how to change your Nintendo Switch Online account from an individual one to a family.

If you are looking to create a new family account for Nintendo Switch Online, open up the eShop and select the account you want to be the admin of the family account. When the shop is loaded up, scroll down to Nintendo Switch Online on the left. In the red box that pops up, select Membership Options.

Now you will be on a page comparing the various Nintendo Switch Online memberships. If you want a family account, click on Family Membership, and you will be scrolled down to the purchase. If your individual Switch Online is active, you will have a discounted price to pay on starting a new membership. For the best value, we recommend going with the year membership.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you have purchased your family membership, anyone who is already considered family on your account will have access to the benefits of the membership. Remember, with the Expansion pack that gives access to Nintendo 64 games and more; you will need to subscribe to that particular package in this checkout process.