How to change your team, and set rosters in Nexomon: Extinction

Pick your ringers.

Nexomon: Extinction

Nexomon: Extinction contains 381 different creatures for you to track down and add to your collection. This means you will have a massive stable of Nexomon to pick from to create your team, but you can’t bring them all with you. You can only have six Nexomon in your party at any time, and you will regularly want to switch them out for new Types depending on the threats you face.

To change your team, you need to head to one of the Nexomon medical centers like the one found in Parum. Here, you will find a console that you can interact with. 

This console will allow you to change the Nexomon in your party, and swap them out as you please. You can also set up new parties, allowing you to instantly swap between premade parties that you have put together for different purposes. 

With a highly aggressive AI, and an emphasis on switching Nexomon mid-battle, it is a good idea to make as many varied teams of Nexomon as you can. For exploring, it is best to have teams of mixed Types, allowing you to take on whatever Type you might run into in the wild, or whatever Trainer battles you get into. For Tyrants, you will want to build dedicated teams designed to take on that Tyrant, but this could entail taking a few loses to them before you know exactly who you need in your party.

The game’s various areas tend to focus around a couple of different types, although you can run into any type anywhere with a degree of regularity. As such, pay close attention to the types you are running into, and if you need to, head back to Parum and set up a new team that you feel will be better suited to exploring that area.