How to clean the carousel horse rods in PowerWash Simulator

There is a switch that you might have ignored.

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the most troublesome missions in PowerWash Simulator is cleaning the carousel horse. Although it might seem straightforward at first, you won’t be able to clean it thoroughly if you are not aware of a particular switch. Hence, if you are unable to complete the mission, follow the below-mentioned guide.

How to clean the carousel horse rods

You need to clean several individual elements to complete the mission fully. Although this might seem tedious at first as the size of the overall carousel is pretty big, apart from the rods, no portion of the carousel requires any specific setup. That said, here are all the parts of the carousel you need to clean:

  • Steps
  • Outer Platform
  • Inner Platform
  • Pole Base
  • Pole
  • Pole Topper
  • Carousel Platform
  • Center Pole Base
  • Center Pole Trim
  • Center Pole Ring
  • Center Pole Frame
  • Center Pole Panel
  • Center Pole Topper
  • Horse
  • Ceiling Panel
  • Ceiling Frame
  • Cresting
  • Cresting Frame
  • Cresting Trim
  • Canopy
  • Star
  • Spire
  • Horse Rods
Screenshot by Gamepur

To clean the rods, you need to turn on the switch in front of the carousel. Once the entire carousel starts rotating, simply use your power washer to clean the rods attached to horses individually. This shouldn’t take much time, and you can use just about any nozzle on your power washer.