How to clear the cache on an Xbox Series X

Running smooth.

Xbox Series X

Image via Microsoft

To ensure that your games are running as smoothly as possible, it is common practice that they will create temporary files and data on your consoles. Over time, this cached data can become corrupted which may lead to crashes, connectivity issues, slow running games, or a host of other potential issues. If you have been experiencing some of these issues you can potentially resolve them by clearing the caches on your Xbox Series X. 

There are two ways to clear the cache and doing both can increase the speed of your console. 

The first way is to turn off the Xbox One X|S and then take out the Power Cord from the back of the console. Keep it out for two minutes at least and then plug it back in and turn back on the console. This should clear most of the cached information currently on there. It’s a similar method to the old Xbox One technique, you just need to leave it unplugged for longer. 

The second method can be done by going through the following menu options:

  1. Press the Xbox Button in the Middle of your Controller and cycle all the way to the left in the new Menu to your Profile.
  2. Click the “Settings” Option
  3. Click the “Devices and Connections” Option
  4. Click “Blu-Ray” in the New Menu
  5. Click “Persistent Storage”
  6. Then “Clear Persistent Storage”

People who have downloaded a lot of games over the course of their time with the console should see the most improvement, as they technically should have the most cached data that may have corrupted over time.