How to climb buildings in The Good Life

Don’t get stuck on the ground.


Screenshot by Gamepur

While The Good Life starts out as a reasonably normal game, you quickly realize that everyone is turning into animals at night, and you can do so too. As the game progresses, you’ll need to use your newfound transformative abilities to help complete quests, such as scaling the church tower. However, it’s not obvious at first how you do this. In this guide, we’ll cover how you can climb buildings in the game so you can find every hidden scoop and secret.

How to climb buildings

Screenshot by Gamepur

To climb buildings, you need to first transform into a cat. Then, you need to look around the building you want to climb until you see a faint claw marking. It will be almost invisible, but it should catch your eye because it’s flashing. Of course, you can only see these markings as a cat, and when you do, you need to look up at them. To do this, you press the same button as you would to aim your camera, and then you can aim your view to look up at the claw marks.

When you look at the claw marks, a red circle will appear around them. At this point, you can use the jump button, which is the same button you’d use to take a picture with the camera as a human. This causes Naomi to jump up at the wall and climb up the building. You can use this ability to reach the rooftops of buildings around the town and find new hidden secrets you won’t have been able to see before.