How to collect and pick up Glow Lichen in Minecraft

We can risk a little more light.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’re looking to collect some Glow Lichen to add to your base, or place it around on any block you want in Minecraft, you need to use a specific tool to collect it. If you hit it while you’re unarmed or a pickax, it’s going to break the Glow Lichen, and you’ll have to find another spawn elsewhere to grab some.

The only way to collect Glow Lichen is to use a pair of shears. The shears do not have to have any special enchantment on your shears. You can use any regular ones you want, and you should find a block of Glow Lichen in your inventory. While Glow Lichen only grow on specific blocks underground, you can choose to place it on any surface you want, and even have it grow to spread to other surrounding blocks.

Glow Lichen gives of a small amount of light, making it an ideal item if you want to place it within a certain room to create specific lighting, or you want to use it underground. We highly recommend using it to line the passageways you’re making while digging into your Minecraft world. They only give off a light level of seven.

Because Glow Lichen can be placed on any block in Minecraft, they’re a great item to use in decorating rooms.