How to command your falcon in The Pathless

Bond with your falcon friend.

How to command your falcon in The Pathless

Your falcon is your faithful companion in The Pathless. You don’t start the action-adventure indie title with her in tow, but once you join forces, she becomes an important ally during your playthrough.

There are a few ways for you to interact with your falcon. The first way is by using the circle button on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 controller. This instructs your falcon to seek out objects that can be moved. For example, you might need to move some weights to solve a puzzle. Pressing the circle button asks your falcon to pick up and carry the weight to a specific marker. Once she is in place, you can press circle again to make her drop the weight onto pressure pads.

The circle button can also be used to command your falcon to attack during boss fights, but this doesn’t occur until a boss is almost defeated. You will get a prompt when you can use your falcon’s attack, so keep an eye out for it.

The next option available is your falcon’s flight ability. If you double-tap the cross button, you will jump into the air and grab onto your falcon’s talons. Your faithful bird can carry you over a short distance or, if you press the cross button again, flap upwards to allow you to reach an area that is out of reach. You will need flight flap energy to fly upwards, though, so make sure you have some available before you try this maneuver.

Finally, you can command your falcon to sit on your arm and be petted. Petting your falcon can be carried out by pressing the square button. If your companion is covered in evil energy after a boss encounter, you can press and hold square to wipe this energy from its plumage. This cleans your falcon and enables it to carry out its duties with no problems.