How to complete A Lit Fuse in Red Dead Online

Try to avoid any explosive results in this Crime.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Red Dead Online’s Blood Money update brought with it a long list of crimes for players to commit and earn Capitale in. However, more crimes are always being added to the list, with some being specific to certain quest givers. The deranged outlaw Joe tasks players with A Lit Fuse, in which he tests the player’s mettle by telling them to steal a load of dynamite. The catch is that you’re not taking things from bandits, but the U.S Army.

After taking this mission from Joe, you’ll start just a short ride away from where the dynamite is. Once you ride up to it though, you’ll find that there’s a sizable contingent of soldiers guarding the goods. Take some stat buffs before getting into this fight as it’s quite easy to be overrun. Once the soldiers are all accounted for, the carriage filled with explosives is all yours to drive.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Of course, transporting explosives is a dangerous task, once that requires a careful hand. Much like delivering moonshine in Red Dead Online, you’ll have to drive this vehicle carefully and without too many bumps. The only difference here is that instead of losing some moonshine you’ll blow up and fail the mission. Stick to the roads and travel at a normal pace. As long as you don’t go full gallop you should be fine.

All you have to do at this point is deliver the cargo to its destination. Some lone soldiers will show up, and while you might think they’re not a threat, they are. Take them out as soon as you spot them because one stray shot from a soldier’s rifle can spell explosive results for you.