How to Complete All Halloween 2023 Pikmin Bloom Event Missions

Halloween has arrived in Pikmin Bloom! Find out how to complete all of this year’s Halloween themed Pikmin Bloom Event Missions.

A red and a yellow Pikmin frolic in front of a display of Halloween themed treats

Image via Niantic

Spooky Season has arrived in Pikmin Bloom, with the annual Halloween event beginning on October 6 and running until 11:59 local time on October 31. What does this mean for players? As you roam your neighborhood admiring Halloween decorations, your steps will bring you closer to getting Halloween-themed content in the game. 

Halloween items this year include Jack-O’-Lantern decor Pikmin, which was also available in last year’s event, and all-new Halloween Treat decor Pikmin. You can also use Halloween Candy to unlock cute costumes for your Mii! There are new costumes for this year alongside favorites from last year.

A group of Pikmin of varying types frolic in front of a somewhat friendly looking Jack-O'-Lantern.
Image via Niantic

Pikmin Bloom Halloween Event Challenges & Rewards

There are two ways to earn Halloween Candy. You can finish Event Challenge missions or destroy Mushrooms to earn some sweet treats! Make sure to play on weekends because that is when Giant Halloween Mushrooms appear. When these Mushrooms are destroyed, they give out extra candy and some cute spooky postcards! When you finish an Event Challenge, you will receive a random reward. These rewards might include nectar, gold seedlings, Halloween Candy, or other items. Keep reading to find out how to clear Event Challenges and get your hands on some of these prizes!

Stage One

  • Walk 1000 steps
  • Plant 700 flowers
  • Collect 100 petals
  • Plant 1500 flowers; Destroy two Mushrooms

Stage Two

  • Walk 2000 steps
  • Plant 500 gentians; Destroy two Mushrooms
  • Plant 2000 flowers; Destroy three Mushrooms
  • Plant 1500 gentians; Destroy four Mushrooms

Stage Three

  • Collect 150 petals
  • Plant 1800 red cosmos; Destroy four Mushrooms
  • Plant 1800 yellow cosmos; Destroy four Mushrooms
  • Walk 3000 steps; Plant 1800 white cosmos; Destroy four Mushrooms

Stage Four

  • Collect 200 petals; Destroy three Mushrooms
  • Plant 2500 red gentians; Destroy three Mushrooms
  • Walk 3000 steps; Plant 2500 white gentians; Destroy four Mushrooms
  • Plant 2000 cosmos; Plant 2500 blue gentians; Destroy five Mushrooms

Something else to keep in mind while you are working on these challenges is that any seedlings you obtain while clearing these Event Challenges will grow into Halloween Pikmin! They appear at random, though, so you may not be able to get the whole set. It is also important to note that during this event, Jack-O’-Lantern decor Pikmin and Halloween Treat Pikmin will be stronger than normal against Mushrooms. Fortunately, Pikmin cannot die in Pikmin Bloom, so your new spooky friends are perfectly safe. Now, get out there and start earning some prizes!