How to complete all Trials of Adventure deeds in Sea of Thieves Season 1

Let the adventure begin.

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If you’re looking to dive into an adventure in Sea of Thieves, there are plenty of tasks for you to complete while sailing the seas, also called deeds. For those looking to level up your renown in Season 1, you can do so by completing the various Trials of Adventures. These trials will have you engaging with particular individuals in the game, accept voyages for them, and work with your friends to combat the various Skeletons and Ghosts haunting the sea.

You can find all of these deeds listed in your Pirate’s Log. Every individual task will give you a small amount of renown. You can complete them in any order you like, and these are no longer available when Season 1 ends on April 8.

All Trials of Adventure deeds

These are all of the Trials of Adventure you can complete in Season 1 of Sea of Thieves.

Novice Voyager

  • Purchase 3 Trading Company Voyages
  • Vote on a voyage purposed by another pirate
  • Sail 5 miles across the sea while a voyage is activated

Novice Sailor

  • Perform a sharp ‘anchor turn’ move
  • Sail 5 miles across the sea
  • Sail with all of your sails billowing in the wind

Novice Story Seeker

  • Speak to any Mysterious Stranger in any of the taverns
  • Begin any Tall Tale (the first one is Shroudbreaker, which you can find next to the Mysterious Stranger at any of the taverns)
  • During the Shroudbreaker Tall Tale, recover the ship log of the Magpie’s Wing

Novice Merchant

  • Deliver a Cargo Run’s items to their destination in any condition
  • Hand in a gunpowder barrel to the Merchant Alliance
  • Hand in any animal to the Merchant Alliance

Novice Bilge Rat

  • Speak to Larinna outside any of the Taverns
  • Kill a shark using a gunpowder barrel
  • Hand in an Ashen Key, Chest, or a Tome to Larinna, or the Reaper’s Bones

Proficient Voyager

  • Finish a voyager for each of the Trading Companies
  • Use the Captain’s Table to vote on a voyage
  • Sail 50 miles across the sea while on a voyage

Proficient Sailor

  • Race along another ship’s crew without firing shots at each other
  • Sail 50 miles across the sea

Proficient Story Seeker

  • Discover and read Journals while on a Tall Tale
  • Successfully complete a Tall Tale 3 times
  • Reach a checkpoint in at least 6 Tall Tales

Proficient Merchant

  • Deliver a Cargo Run’s Items on time and in perfect condition
  • Hand in a chicken, a pig, and a snake
  • Hand in a Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel

Proficient Scorcher

  • Set foot on any island with the Devil’s Roar
  • Collect a red Flame of Fate from the Ferry
  • Complete any Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, or Athena’s Fortune Voyage within a Devil’s Roar
  • Deliver Devil’s Roar Cargo Run items in any condition
  • Hand in a Chest of Rage

Proficient Bilge Rat

  • Deliver both an Ashen Chest and Ashen Key to Larinna, or to the Reaper’s Bones
  • Deliver an Ashen’s Tome to Larinna, or the Reaper’s Bones
  • Locate and speak with Duke, wherever he may be lurking

Expert Sailor

  • Hit ships with 20 chainshots
  • Sail 100 miles across the sea
  • Sail 100 miles across the sea while on a voyage

Expert Story Seeker

  • Speaker with the Ferryman, Madame Olivia, Grace, Tallulah, and the Mysterious Stranger
  • Complete all Tall Tales
  • Find all Journals with the Tall Tales

Expert Scorcher

  • Complete the Heart of Fire Tall Tale
  • Complete a Legendary Voyage in the Devil’s Roar
  • Deliver 8 Devil Roar’s Cargo Run item on time, and in perfect condition
  • Hand in a Chest of Rage stolen from another crew
  • Set foot on all 17 islands with the Devil’s Roar