How to complete Citadel: Homecoming in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Bring her home.

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On the Citadel at the front of the Embassies is a man named Samesh Bhatia. He needs your help in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition to assist in bringing his wife’s body home. He’s asked you to speak with the Alliance, who has been ignoring him, to see what can be done about it, and why she hasn’t been returned to him.

Before choosing to go with this mission, we highly recommend you have enough Charm or Intimidate points. At the time, we had at least three in Intimidate.

Where to find Samesh Bhatia

You can find Samesh Bhatia right in the middle of the Embassies, in front of the Avina unit for this area. He’ll be speaking to you each time you pass this area, attempting to catch your attention.

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Once you speak to him, your next stop will be to the Embassy Lounge, which you reach by going to the left side of the Embassies, through the C-Sec HQ.

You need to speak with Clerk Bosker, who will be leaning against the wall when you enter the Embassy Lounge. Speak with him. You can pick any of the three choices, with the top being more Paragon, the middle being neutral, and the bottom being Renegade. Clerk Bosker explains they’re holding her because the wounds on her body are from weapons the Alliance has never seen before, and they wished to study them. Clerk Bosker presses that the choice to hold the body will save lives in the future.

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When you have the chance to investigate further, you can choose to learn more about the length of research, the number of bodies, and the research results. It can provide further light on the situation. However, the ultimate choice is on the first page. Any choices on the right side will conclude with Samesh not receiving his wife’s body until the Alliance is finished researching it.

On the left side, you have the Paragon and the Renegade choices. If you have enough Paragon points and Charm talent, you can convince Bosker that what the Alliance is doing is wrong and convince him to release it. When you go Renegade, you’ll release the body yourself, forcefully returning Samesh and his wife together. We highly recommend you pick one of these two choices, depending on how you’re playing Shepard.

Once you’ve finished speaking with Clerk Bosker, you’ll receive several Paragon or Renegade points based on the option you picked to convince him to return to the body, along with some XP. The last step is to return to Samesh and report the good news. You’ll receive even more XP from turning the task in to Samesh.