How to complete Noveria: Landlines and Reactor Repair in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Complete the repairs.

After turning Peak 15’s VI back on, Mira, in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you’ll be tasked with reconnecting the various landlines throughout the stations. You’ll need to reconnect these landlines to turn the train back on to make it to the second portion of the facility and reach Matriarch Benezia.

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How to Reconnect Landlines

You’ll need to reach the roof access in the facility, which is right behind the Mira Core. All you have to do is turn around, and take the elevator upstairs.

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When you reach the roof, there will be several Rachni soldiers and workers protecting this section. You’ll have to take them out. Your primary concern will be the soliders, as their poison can rip through your shields and damage your health over time, which can be extremely difficult to deal with depending on the difficulty you’re playing on. After they’re taken care of, head over to the main terminal of the area and active the landlines.

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The next step to activating the train to reach the other side of Peak 15 is to repair the reactor. You need to return to the Mira Core to reach it.

How to complete Reactor Repair

When you reach the Mira Core, you want to go down the left hallway. Before you get there, a Rachni soldier will appear from the grates, and you’ll have to eliminate it, and then you can proceed. The elevator to the reactor will take you down a floor.

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When you reach the reactor floor, chances are that your sensors will be jammed. Instead of dealing with Rachni, you’ll have to take down several Geth protecting the reactor. There are several Geth Destroyers, and Stalkers bouncing around the walls. On the top floor will be a Geth Juggernaut providing overwatch for these enemies. We recommend taking everything out close to the entrance, and then dealing with the Juggernaut last.

After those are done, make your way to the middle of the reactor core, and you’ll be able to repair and reconnect the reactor lines.

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Once you’ve completed both of these tasks, the repairs to Peak 15 will be complete. You can now make your way to the train and hunt Benezia.

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