How to complete Skelly’s Favor in Hades

Help your skeleton friend find peace.

You will have a lot of interactions with Skelly, Zag’s weapons trainer and friend, in Hades. The humorous skeleton has been employed as a “dummy” of sorts for Zag to use to train with his weapons. While he refuses to talk about his past or where he comes from and is seemingly enthusiastic about being killed over and over again, he wants out of his contract. Luckily, Zag is capable of doing just that.

How to free Skelly of his contract

There are two things you need to do first:

  • You will need to do is max out your relationship with Skelly to six hearts specifically by giving him six Nectar.
  • Unlock four non-Zagreus aspects of weapons. It doesn’t matter which weapons or aspects, as long as they are not the ones related to Zag.

Once both of these requirements have been met, he will offer you this quest on your next run.

He will ask you to kill him with the Stygian Blade; however, the blade needs to have unlocked its level 5 Aspect of Zagreus, which will cost you 5 Titan Blood. When you have this Aspect unlocked, you will be able to finally “kill” Skelly and free him from his contract.

This will also complete the Eternal Rest prophecy. Plus, he will still be alive for you to give him Ambrosia to completely max out his relationship at 9 hearts.