How to complete the Coalescence I: Unbridled collection in Guild Wars 2

One step at a time.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

In Guild Wars 2, Legendary Trinkets can be obtained differently. Trinkets are made up of different small equipable items that have no cosmetic effect on your character unless they are part of the Legendary Tier. The Coalescence Trinket’s visual effect and its ability to shift stats as needed make it a fantastic option for players who are part of Raids and enjoy WvW.

The first step to completing your Coalescence is to complete a collection. Coalescence I: Unbridled is unlocked when players defeat any Raid boss for the first time. This means that you’ll have to have Path of Fire on your account first. Once you’ve unlocked it, you’ll need to collect the following items:

Transcendental BindingAcquired from Desmina’s platform in a hidden chest. You can only access it after defeating the boss.
Transcendental InkLocated in a hidden chest in the Hall of Chains, north of the frozen lake.
Transcendental ParchmentIn a hidden chest behind Dhuum’s throne.
Meditation LogbookCombining the following items in the Mystic Forge: 1x Transcendental Ink, 1x Transcendental Binding, 1x Transcendental Parchment, 100x Pulsing Brandspark.
Meditation Log: Crystal OasisSitting in the Crystal Oasis, overlooking the temple of Kormir from the north west overlook, with the Meditation Logbook in your inventory.
Meditation Log: Desert HighlandsSitting in the Desert Highlands at the waterfall in the Enchanted bluffs in a small room behind the waterfall.
Meditation Log: The DesolationSitting at the statue of Abaddon, located at the top right of The Desolation map.
Meditation Log: Domain of VabbiSitting at the top of the blue-glass domed structure in the middle of the city.
Meditation Log: Completed LogSpeak to Hasara in the Desert Highlands. Your Meditation Logbook must be in your inventory.

Completing this collection will unlock the next tier of the Trinket collection and grant you a Hateful Sworl which you’ll need to keep in your bank or inventory for the last crafting stage. You’ll also gain 9 AP points for collecting all 10 of these items.