How to complete the (In)Security Dubai Mission Story in Hitman 3

Trust matters.

You can choose several story missions to follow that will guide you to eliminating your target in Hitman 3. There’s plenty to do, though, and these are fun interactions that lead you to your targets’ unfortunate demises. During the Dubai mission, there is one you can complete called (In)Security. Completing this allows you to take out Marcus Stuyvesant.

How to start (In)Security story mission

You can start this story mission by making your way over to one of the security rooms. We recommend taking the staff access door in the back of the Atrium, behind the stairs. The code for the door is 4-7-0-6. You need to make your way to the security room on the far left of the facility, on level 2. There will be a conversation about a guard who has yet to show up with their papers.

Infiltrate the staff area

After hearing the conversation, you need to make your way back to the event’s staff area. You can find this on level 0, two floors down. The quickest way from the security room is down the nearest stairs, all the way down to the kitchens. The recruit is speaking with a woman in the changing room. While they are talking, you can grab his papers on the bench, and then you need to find an event security’s disguise before going to the security room to report for duty to the two guards at the security terminal.

Speak and walk with Stuyvesant

After speaking to the two guards, Stuyvesant will be called over, and you can meet him. He’ll need to accept your transfer papers, and then he’ll walk you around the facility. Stuyvesant breaks down what he expects from a good guard and hopes you’ll be able to fulfill these tasks. By the end of the walk, he wants you to show off your knife-throwing skills to see if you’re a worthy individual to have on his team. The knife-throwing game is pretty easy. All you have to do is hit the four targets, and with the perfect aim of Hitman, it’s fairly simple.

After completing this portion flawlessly, Stuyvesant asks his other guard to leave. He’ll start talking with you, and you can wait for the other guard to completely leave the area. Once they’re gone, Stuyvesant will be leaning over the railing enough for you to push him over, or you can dispatch him one way or another. That will be one of the two targets you need to eliminate for the Dubai mission.