How to complete the Little Lost Deerling request in Pokémon Snap

Bringing families back together.

Image via Nintendo

The primary focus of Pokémon Snap is to take a relaxing touring the many locations in the Lental region. But you might be able to help out some of the Pokémon along the way. There’s a lost deerling that’s looking for its parent in the Elsewhere Forest, and with some precise illumina throws, you can bring the family back together. It also fulfills the request called Little Lost Deerling.

You can attempt this request when you reach the third area of the Elsewhere Forest. It will be on the right side of the tour. There will be multiple crystalbloom plants you need to light up. The first one draws in a small deerling from the forest, and then to the left of that will be another crystalbloom you need to activate. You should see the deerling run over to it, excited by the light. You have to wait a little bit for another series of crystalblooms to show up.

However, you do not want to do the one closest to you. Instead, you want to hit the crystalbloom in the far back. If you hit the crystalbloom at the front, the deerling will remain there, and you won’t see it at the next location. It needs to remain in the back. After you’ve activated that one, wait for a bit, and another crystalbloom will appear where an Espeon shows up, and you have to activate this one. Because the deerling was further back, it’ll be drawn to this light, and it should show up.

A Sawbuck of a similar type will also appear, and the two will be reunited. You need to focus on the Deerling for this photograph and try to get the moment all three Pokémon are excited about the reunion. It’s pretty easy to miss it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve taken the photograph and turned it in to Professor Mirror, make sure to accept the reward for the request back at the research camp.