How to complete the Machine Interference Nightwave challenge

Be very, very quiet.


Machine Interference is an Elite Weekly Nightwave challenge that requires you to finish a Spy mission with three manual console hacks, and no alarms, to complete. While it might sound pretty easy, there are a few quirks to this challenge that may catch out even veteran players.

Because you don’t want any alarms to go off, you will want to use a stealth Warframe with high Duration like Loki, Ash, or Ivara. Make sure that enemies do not hear you, see you, or find any dead bodies, so it can be a good idea to just not kill anyone at all during these missions.

You cannot use ciphers on the locks, so make sure you open them manualy or it won’t count. You also need to be careful as messing up a manual attempt too many times will cause an alarm to go off. Another very important thing is to avoid setting off any lasers or energy wall alarms. Any type of alarm going off means you cannot complete this particular challenge.

One interesting quirk is that if you are invaded during the mission then this will count as an alarm. So if the Grustag Three, Zanuka, or Stalker show up while you are playing the mission, then you can consider it to be a blown operation. This also applies to invasions from any Syndicate forces that are mad at you.

In our experience, you definitely want to do this mission solo or run the risk of another player not realizing you need to be extremely careful and blowing the mission for you. When you spawn in at the start of the mission, use the Zenurik tree or energy modules to fill your energy to full so that you can keep a constant uptime on your invisibility, and take care not to have it drop when you are within line of sight of enemies.

This challenge may just take a couple of runs to complete, and a little bit of luck, but if you are extra careful it should not be a problem. For newer players, we would suggest running Grineer Spy missions, as some of the Corpus layouts have laser walls that can only really be bypassed using the Spoiler Mode, and if you are not quite sure what that is you are better off sticking with the Grineer tilesets.