How to complete the school pictures with no eyes puzzle in Little Nightmares II

Light the way.

Little Nightmares II is full of differently sized puzzles to solve. Some may take up an entire level, while others are only small obstacles as you progress through Tarsier Studios’ horror adventure title.

One of the smaller conundrums in Little Nightmares II is found in Chapter Two, the school level. As you work your way through the twisted corridors, you will eventually come across an apparent dead end. Some portraits hang on the wall in front of you, a switch nearby, and a dormitory room up the corridor past the switch.

Flip the lever to turn the lights off. Light will pour through from behind one of the pictures, which has had holes punched into it where the eyes should be. The light shines onto the floor, suggesting that you need to place an item on this exact spot to move the painting or open a secret door.

You might feel inclined to head into the back room and grab one of the toys to place on the lit-up area of the floor. There are two wooden blocks with eyes painted onto them, which may make you think that you need to place them on the lit part of the floor as they correspond to the image’s missing eyes.

After multiple failed attempts to line the eye blocks up, this isn’t what is necessary. The only thing you need to do is grab a toy from the back room, stand on the lit-up area of the floor, and throw your item at the painting to knock it off the wall. The picture will reveal a giant hole in the wall behind it, which you can climb through to enter the next area.