How to complete the Vision II: Farsight Dragonfall collection in Guild Wars 2

Fall in love with the weird beauty of this map.

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The Dragonfall map in Guild Wars 2 is the site of one of the most important Meta events in the game. Players can travel to this location to enjoy a unique map filled with exciting zones and fascinating biomes. The map itself has many important events beyond the Meta. However, the potential it holds to contribute to end-game play and collections makes it vital. Dragonfall has several Mastery Insight Points, as well as several collections which are vital to crafting the Legendary Trinket, Vision. In this guide, we’ll look at where you need to go in order to complete the Vision II: Farsight Dragonfall collection.

How to complete Vision II: Farsight – Dragonfall collection

You’ll need to kneel at the Mastery Insight Points in order to gain the buff. You can kneel by typing /kneel in the chat box in order to activate the emote. Doing this is part of the second phase of crafting Vision, and it involves players heading back to the Living World Season 4 maps in order to access the Mastery Insight Points. You’ll need to head to each of the maps and access the Mastery Insight Points there. You need to access a total of 20 Mastery Insights to complete this phase.

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Dragonfall Insight: Dragon’s Snare

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This Mastery Insight is only available after you complete the Map Meta event Break the Crystal Dragon. You’ll need to head northeast after starting from Northwest Shrine and then out towards Gnarlgrove. You’ll find the cave there that holds the Mastery Insight.

Dragonfall Insight: Gnarlgrove Overlook

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You need to head out from the Verdant Gate Point of Interest along the southwestern road. Eventually, you’ll find it branch off to the western side until you reach the cliffs. You can get up with either a Springer or a Skyscale. If you want a simpler path, you can use your Jackal and go through the Sand Portal at the foot of the cliffs.

Dragonfall Insight: Grenth’s Teeth Coastline

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Starting from The Underworld Waypoint, head south and slightly west. If you have enough altitude, you can use your Skyscale to fly right across the terrain or a Griffon. Alternatively, you can hoof it there on foot.

Dragonfall Insight: Skyscale Eyrie

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Head from the Grenth’s Teeth Coastline Insight to the east. You can use your Glider to cross the chasm or a Skyscale to reach the Mastery Insight.

Dragonfall Insight: Scorched Cliffs Treetop

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Start from the Burning Forest Waypoint and then scale the cliffs that are directly north and then a bit west from there. You can use a Springer or a Skyscale for ease of access to the Point.