How to complete the Visions of Istan Collection for the Vision Legendary Trinket in Guild Wars 2

The long journey begins.

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Guild Wars 2 has several Legendary Tier items. From Legendary Armor to Legendary Weapons, there’s a whole set of gear primed for the end-game aspect of Guild Wars 2. Players can choose to spend their time obtaining their Legendaries from different sources, but the fact remains that Legendary items are excellent. This is because Legendaries are versatile and non-fixed stat items, meaning that you can change as you need. They’re also transmutable, like other armors in the game, which means you can change their appearance to match your fashion needs. Legendary Trinkets provide players with the same benefits, minus the customization options. You’ll gain one set effect that applies to your character. To obtain the Vision Legendary Trinket, you’ll have to go through a very long process; in this guide, we’ll explain one of them to you.

What you’ll need to complete the Visions of Istan Collection

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Once you’ve unlocked the Vision I: Awakening Collection, which is the first step of completing your Vision Legendary Trinket, there are several steps further that you’ll need to take. The first of these is to travel to The Domain of Istan to complete the Visions of Istan collection. This Collection requires you to complete various events and interact with different items and places around the map. This guide will explain the items and locations you’ll need to find and visit and where to find them.

To complete this Collection, you’ll have to have completed the Living World Season 4 Chapters. You’ll also have to have a Trance Stone placed in your inventory when you visit these places and complete the various tasks to gain Collection completion.

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You’ll also gain 10 Achievement points for completing this part of the Collection. There are seven different steps you’ll have to complete if you want to finish this first step of the Collection You will need to have at least five Gold in your Wallet if you want to finish the Achievement as well as access to a Skyscale with the Rift Repair Mastery.

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All items needed for the Visions of Istan Collection

ItemObtained from
Heavy Corsair TurbanComplete “DaybreakMastery or Domain of Istan Reward Track.
Vision of Dragons: AureneFind the Trophy located somewhere within the Mordant Cresent Great Hall in the Domain of Istan above the Plaza of Resurgance.
Vision of Allies: TaimiInteract with a Partially Corrupted Data Entry which is found next to Alaleh and atop a barrel to the south of Chalon Docks Waypoint.
Vision of Enemies: Warden AmalaDefeat Warden Amala in the event.
Vision of Landscapes: Domain of IstanAccess a rift at the top of the telescope near the Astralarium Waypoint. You’ll have to access this with your Skyscale.
Vision of Equipment: Astral WeaponsPurchasable from Yasna for 5 gold once you have completed crafting 6 Astral Weapons.
Vision of Action: Domain of IstanStop the supply of deathly materials by intercepting the Corpse Caravan.

Once you’ve finished this collection, you’ll have to head to the other Living World Season 4 maps to obtain the other items that are needed