How to unlock the Vision Legendary Trinket Collection in Guild Wars 2

See the world more clearly with a Vision Trinket.

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The Vision is one of the Legendary Trinkets that players of Guild Wars 2 can unlock. Like the Coalescence and Transcendence Trinkets, the Vision is an item that players need to complete several distinct collections for. This involves a lot of time, and effort put into the game, however, completing this Legendary Trinket will surely provide you with a ton of benefits. The Vision Trinket, like all Legendary item,s is able to change stats on a whim, and it will provide a distinct and unique vision buff to your character. The first step in completing the Vision is to complete The Vision I: Awakening Collection.

How to unlock the Awakening Collection

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To unlock the Vision I: Awakening Collection, you’ll need to head to one of the Living World Season 4 maps. There you’ll have to locate one of the following merchants and purchase from them a Trance Stone. The merchants can be found in the following locations:

MerchantLocation and MapPrice
AlalehChalon Docks in Domain of Istanx100 Volatile Magic, 96 Copper.
EthallAtholma in Sandswept Islesx100 Volatile Magic, 96 Copper.
KynonThe Forge in Thunderhead Peaksx100 Volatile Magic, 96 Copper.
NalarAllied Encampment in Domain of Kournax100 Volatile Magic, 96 Copper.
Trader HyacinthYatendi Village in Jahai Bluffsx100 Volatile Magic, 96 Copper.
Traveling Elonian TraderPact Command in DragonfallX700 Karma.

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Once you’ve unlocked the Collection, the real work begins. From here on out you’ll need to complete the following sub-collections:

  • Complete the Visions of Istan collection.
  • Visions of Sandswept Isles collection.
  • Visions of Kourna collection.
  • Visions of Jahai collection.
  • Visions of Thunderhead Peaks collection.
  • Visions of Dragonfall collection.

Volatile Magic can be collected on Living World Season 4 maps. You’ll need to have the Volatile Magic Resonance Mastery completed to gather Volatile Magic in its orb form from the Living World Season 4 maps. The Mastery tracks can be unlocked by completing events on the map for experience and purchased using Mastery Insights gained on the maps.