How to counter Taz’s Tornado in MultiVersus

Tips to counter Taz before he’s hit with the nerf-bat.

Image via Warner Bros.

As more and more players discover and play MultiVersus, they quickly learn that Taz is a real menace to face in battle. This singlehandedly comes down to his Taz-nado ability which can decimate opposition quickly and easily. However, there are stop-gap measures that you can take to counter or stop this Taz-nado ability and open a window of opportunity to beat Taz teams.

How to interrupt Taz in MultiVersus

When he starts spinning, Taz’s whirlwinding is almost impossible to interrupt from up close. That puts the majority of the MultiVersus roster at a disadvantage. However, that’s where some of the generally weaker characters can be of great help. Characters with projectile attacks are the perfect solution — use the projectile abilities exclusively on Taz, and that way, he can be knocked out of his spinning before he can capture you or your partner. Hitting these abilities consistently takes practice, and some of the characters that can do this include Shaggy, Bugs Bunny, Reindog, Batman, and Iron Giant, to name a few.

How to counter the Taz’s Taz-nado ability in MultiVersus

If you don’t have access to projectile attacks, there is a riskier strategy that you can try to employ. Most Assassin and Bruiser characters have a move in their repertoire that lets them quickly close a short distance.

Look for abilities that pounce or lunge, such as Finn’s Get Skronked!, Arya Stark’s Needle Strike, or Batman’s Bat-slide. To counter Taz while he’s spinning, you have to do your best to avoid it at first. Jump over and dodge well away; try to keep a mid-range distance — not too close, but not too far. Then, when his channeling is over, there is a brief window of opportunity to strike. Use your gap-losing ability and hit him with it.

The goal is to follow up (preferably with your partner’s help) into stun-locking Taz or getting a knockout hit on him. If he’s still on the field, just rinse and repeat. Make him do the work for you and watch for opportunities or take that time to focus on his partner — unless his partner is also Taz. If that is the case, you can attempt to do the same while being doubly careful of their movement.