How to crack Egglers in Bugsnax

Can’t make an omlette without cracking a few Egglers.


Image via Sony

Sheldra will ask you to crack two Egglers in Bugsnax. You can find Egglers all around the level, but there should always be one in Sheldra’s tent to the left of the NPC, and at the top of the pyramid. If you can’t find any in either spot, just search around the level and you will find them lying around. They look exactly like little eggs, so are easy to spot on the scanner.

To crack them, you have two options. One is far more simple and straightforward than the other, and a little quicker too. The first is to take the Eggler under the Buffalocust that is flying through the area. Put some hot sauce on it and the Buffalocust will divebomb it, setting it on fire. Eventually, the Eggler will crack, and the egg part will come out. When the fire goes out it will run to the near hiding bush. Set up your Snak Trap beside the bush then back away until the Eggler comes out, and catch it in the trap. 

The second way is to put the Eggler down in front of a Loaded Spuddy. The Loaded Spuddy will charge the Eggler, cracking it. Once again the Eggler will head for the nearest hiding bush and you can just put down your Snak Trap and do the same thing.

When you have cracked two of them, return to Sheldra to progress the mission.