How to craft a boat in Windbound

Everybody look at me because I’m sailing on a boat.

How to craft a boat in Windbound

Your boat is your best friend in Windbound. You can’t sail the high seas, locate the Sea Shard towers, or traverse each chapter’s Crossing showdown without one. In short, it’s your key to staying alive, so knowing how to craft one is the single most important part of Windbound.

To craft your first boat, a grass canoe, you will need to gather some materials on your first island. The items you need are:

  • An oar – This is given to you at the start of the game.
  • Thick grass (x4) – These are long, yellow tufts of grass. You can cut them down using the knife that you start with.
  • Grass rope (x2) – You can craft this from thick grass. You need two thick grass to make one grass rope.
How to craft a boat in Windbound

Once you have these materials, you can craft your first boat. Open up the crafting menu and cycle to the third sub-menu, which is labeled “Boat.” Navigate to the Grass Canoe tile and tap the craft button. An outline of a boat will appear. It will be green if you’re near water, or red if you’re on land. If you see the latter color, walk into shallow water until the icon turns green. Tap the craft button again to make your first vessel.

If you attempt to sail and your boat doesn’t move, it means that it’s stuck on the shoreline. You can push it into deeper water when you get the “push” prompt, which will allow you to begin traveling Windbound’s watery world.

As you progress through Windbound, you can upgrade your boat to make it faster, stronger, and hold the various items you find on your travels. To find out how to upgrade your boat, you can read our boat upgrade guide.