How to complete the Crossing challenges in Windbound

Trial by water and wind.

How to complete the Crossing challenges in Windbound

Windbound’s Crossing trials are challenges that you must beat at the end of each chapter. They test your sailing capabilities no matter what difficulty you’re playing on, and you must complete them to obtain special items before you head to the next area. There are five Crossings to complete, and we’ve provided tips on how to beat them below.

Chapter one – Rejection

The first Crossing is easy to navigate. If you’ve upgraded your boat, so it has a mast, this will be a breeze. All you have to do is sail through the watery labyrinth and avoid the obstacles, such as coral reefs and rocky outcrops, that will damage your boat.

The wind direction doesn’t change much here, so don’t worry about having to change your sail’s direction. Just follow the path, avoid the obstacles, and you will reach the end.

If you have enough Sea Shards at the end, you can make an offering to the sea gods. You will need between 500 and 750 Sea Shards, and you can only pick one of the two options available. Once you have selected one, run up the stairs to make the official blessing and equip the special item or skill you picked.

How to complete the Crossing challenges in Windbound

Chapter two – Fury

The second Crossing is similar to the first, but you have sharks to evade in the latter stages. Sharks will swim towards you and try to knock you off your boat. Use your left thumbstick or keys to dodge their attacks, and you should not have a problem completing this course.

Again, you can make an offering at the end if you have enough Sea Shards. Be aware, however, that you can only equip one blessing at a time. Choose wisely as you can’t swap blessings until the next Crossing.

Chapter three – Covenant

This is where things get trickier. The sea monster, which appears at the start of each challenge, will make bigger waves and change the wind direction occasionally. Loosen or tighten your sail when the direction changes, and pull back on your left thumbstick or PC keys if your boat picks up too much speed. Going too fast can flip your boat and knock you overboard, which leaves you vulnerable to predators.

Jellyfish also appear in this trial, alongside the usual coral reefs and rocks, so watch out for them. They can electrocute you and your boat, which reduces both health meters. Make it to the end of this challenge, and you can make another blessing.

How to complete the Crossing challenges in Windbound

Chapter four – Sorrow

The waves become more treacherous here. The wind changes direction in a heartbeat, and there are sharks and jellyfish to contend with. Employ a similar strategy to chapter three, and don’t forget to slow your boat down if you’re going too fast. It’s better to take things slowly than constantly get thrown overboard.

This is the final trial where you can make a blessing at the end. Chapter five is the final crossing to complete, so pick your blessing at the altar wisely.

Chapter five – Acceptance

This is the hardest crossing to beat. The sea monster does everything in its power to knock you off your boat, including throwing rocks at you and lashing out with its tentacles.

Its giant frame can conceal jellyfish until it’s too late too, so take things slow. The giant waves will roll you around as well, so fix your gaze ahead of you, and make mental notes of where jagged rocks and coral reefs — when the waves get shallower — are to avoid them.

By now you should have upgraded your boat to its maximum. Ideally, you want a boat made entirely out of wood, and have spikes — bamboo, wood, or metal — that act as your boat’s defence. Wooden boats can take more damage than grass or bamboo, while the spikes will absorb any hits you receive. If you have any wood in your inventory, you can use it to repair your boat too.