How to craft a Minor Loot Luck Trophy in New World

Boost your looting luck with this decorative piece.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The trophies you create in New World can be placed inside of your home to give you a passive buff while you’re out in the world. These buffs are good ways to improve your adventuring while combating specific creatures, or they can increase your chances of finding rare loot out in the world. If you’re looking to boost your chances of discovering some of the best loot in New World, you want to construct the Minor Loot Luck Trophy. In this guide, here’s everything you need to know about crafting the Minor Loot Luck Trophy in New World.

The Minor Loot Luck Trophy requires four different ingredients. You won’t be able to see this recipe until you’re carrying a Rabbit’s Foot, one of the four necessary ingredients to create it. Here’s everything you need to gather up to craft this trophy.

  • 25 Lumber
  • 1 Maple Stain
  • 1 Rabbit’s Foot
  • 20 Steel Ingots

The easiest ingredients you’ll be able to find in New World are lumber and steel ingots. You can create lumber by combining four aged wood pieces with two timber at a woodworking station. You can meld steel ingots together at a forge by combining charcoal, iron ingots, and any type of flux you have in your inventory. When it comes to locating a Maple Stain, you can create that by combining 10 weak solvents with four oil at a tier 3 Workshop.

The final, significant ingredient is the Rabbit’s Foot. This is a big one because without holding this item in your inventory, you won’t be able to see the recipe available at a Workshop. You can only obtain the Rabbit’s foot by harvesting a rabbit. You can find these creatures right outside of the Everfall and First Light settlements. The chances of getting a rabbit’s foot are low, but you can increase those chances by improving your Skinning luck, applying specific Skinning-related perks to your knife, armor, or and amulet you’re wearing.

The Minor Loot Luck Trophy can only be constructed at a tier 3 Workshop when you reach level 100 in the Furnishing skill. Once you’ve created the item, you can place it down in a house you own to receive the benefits anywhere in New World.