How to craft ammo in Apex Legends

Keep your ammo reserves high.

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Refilling your gun’s ammunition in Apex Legends can be problematic if you’re on the run from other competitors. You have to go straight into a fight, hoping you win to retrieve their ammunition or find some from an unopened crate. However, you also have the option to craft ammunition if you have the resources to make them. Here’s what you need to know about crafting ammo in Apex Legends.

You’ll be using the Replicator to craft your ammo, similar to the other items you’ve needed on short notice. Whenever you approach a Replicator, you’ll need to obtain Materials. You can find those as you explore the map. Materials typically drop from Supply bins or appear from Material stations, which are generally near a Replicator. Unfortunately, you can’t loot them off of other players.

The number of Materials you’ll need will vary depending on how many weapons you’re carrying. For example, if you’re holding a single weapon, you’ll need 10 Materials, but if you’re holding two weapons, you’ll need 20 Materials for ammo crafting. If you’re short on Materials, it’s not a bad idea to throw a weapon down and quickly use the Materials you have for your go-to option.

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This is how much ammo you’ll receive whenever crafting at a Replicator. The amount also varies depending on the ammo it takes.

  • Arrows: 48
  • Energy Ammo: 60
  • Heavy Ammo: 60
  • Light Ammo: 60
  • Shotgun Ammo: 24
  • Sniper Ammo: 36

You’ll want to consider your choices when deciding to craft ammo when being chased by an enemy team. It never hurts to have more ammunition on your side, though.