How to craft and dye candles in Minecraft

Light it up.

Minecraft candles

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Candles are a fun and colorful light source in Minecraft. They were added in the Caves & Cliffs Part 1 major update. They each give off light at a level of 3 when lit by a fire charge or flint and steel. They can be stacked up to 4 on a square when placed, adding up to a level 12 light source. Candles can be both crafted and dyed, great for both decorative use, and for marking trails while adventuring. Here is how to craft and dye candles in Minecraft.

Crafting Candles

Crafting a Candle
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  • 1 string
  • 1 honeycomb (directly below the string)

Crafting Table: Not required

Crafting candles is simple, but you will have to have honeycomb in order to craft it. Honeycomb is obtained via sheering a full be hive, but remember to light a campfire below it to make sure the bees do not get angry with you for taking their honey. String is most easily obtained via killing spiders.

Dying Candles

Dying a Candle
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  • 1 candle
  • 1 dye (anywhere)

Crafting Table: Not required

Dying candles is easy. You can take a candle you have already crafted and add one of any of the 16 dye colors in order to dye it. Mix your dye into single colors before placing if you want secondary color candles. Placing more than one dye down with a candle will not yield any output. Dyed candles cannot be redyed.