How to craft beehives and harvest honey in Valheim

Time to bee busy.

There are several useful creatures for you to discover in Valheim. Many of them have resources that you need to use to craft basic tools, armor, and weapons, making your time in the game much easier. A useful creature you may not notice are bees. They’re hiding in their beehives, typically attached to the broken down ruins of old houses. If you get close to these hives, they’ll sting you, damaging you over time. But you can use these helpful creatures to your advantage.

How to craft a beehive

You can make a beehive of your own, making it easier to harvest honey in your background. To do this, you need to destroy a beehive and see if a queen bee drops. If a queen bee drops, you’re in business, and you can take that back to your home. This might take you a few beehives to find but return to your home once it drops. Upon acquiring a queen bee, you’ll gain access to crafting a beehive.

These are all of the resources you need to make one. You do need to be in range of a workbench to place it down.

  • 10 Wood
  • 1 Queen Bee

When you bring all of these resources together, you can set down your beehive, and bees will arrive at the location, with a queen bee settled in. It might take some time for the bees to move in. We recommend completing other activities while this happens.

After a day or two, the bees will start operating inside the hive. You can approach it, and you’ll receive a notification that ‘the bees are happy’, and every once in a while, you’ll be able to harvest honey from them. You can eat this honey to add to your stomach, or you preserve it and use it to create mead.