How to craft the iron cooking station in Valheim

Upgrade your kitchen and cook the best meats.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The cooking station in Valheim is your go-to source for heating many of the raw meats you find from the various animals in the game. You’ll hang them up on the station and cook them over an open fire, waiting for them to cook all the way through before you can eat them. There’s a new cooking station that you’re going to use to cook some of the higher quality meats, such as lox and serpents. You’re going to need to replace your old cooking station with an iron cooking station.

The iron cooking station works just like the old one, except it looks more like meat hooks roasting your meal over a fire. Far more fitting for the large chunks of meat you’re going to loot off of lox and catch from a sea serpent. These are all of the ingredients you’re going to need to make an iron cooking station in your home.

  • 3 Iron Ingots
  • 3 Chains

You can find the iron ingots and the chains in the same biome. You can find them in the Swamps. You can find iron by opening up the Swamp crypts, which require a key from the Elder, the second boss in the game. You’ll then need a bronze or iron pickax to destroy the crypt’s massive dirty piles to obtain the iron chunks.

When it comes to chains, you can find them inside the Swamp crypts inside the chest, or you can loot them off of a Wraith. You can find the Wraiths prowling around the Swamps when nighttime rolls around.

Once you have all those ingredients, you need to bring them back to base and build them near a forge. You want to make sure you set it down above a fire so it cooks the meats you can hang on it. You can destroy your old cooking stations and place this one in its place.