How to craft TM 080 Metronome in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Metronome is a fun move for players who like to live on the edge. As the move description suggests, Metronome will allow the user to use almost any move in the game, with a few notable exceptions such as signature moves and Ditto’s Transform. It is entirely random, meaning that the user’s Pokémon could potentially use hard hitting moves that it normally cannot use such as Moonblast or even Overheat, or it could end up using Splash if your RNG is particularly bad. Here is how you can craft TM 080 Metronome in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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Materials used to craft TM 080 Metronome in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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After unlocking the TM 080 Metronome recipe, head to the nearest Pokémon Center’s TM Machine. You will require the following resources to craft this Technical Machine:

  • 400 League Points
  • 3 Igglybuff Fluff
  • 3 Happiny Dust

Igglybuff Fluff drops from the Igglybuff evolution line, which are a common sight in town biomes. They usually spawn in the South Province (Areas One and Two) and the Pokémon League. As a Normal and Fairy type, Igglybuff is weak to Steel and Poison-type moves, and are completely immune to Ghost and Dragon-type moves. Players can also farm Jigglypuff in the South Province (Area Two) and the West Province (Area Three), as they are also fairly common.

Happiny Dust drops from the Happiny line. Every single Pokémon in the Happiny line is a rare spawn, so it does not matter which you seek out. Players will have a low chance of encountering Happiny in the Pokemon League, the South Province (Areas One, Two, Three and Five) and the West Province (Area One). Chansey can be found in the East Province (Area Two), the North Province (Areas One, Two and Three), the South Province (Area Six), the West Province (Areas Two and Three) and Casseroya Lake. Blissey spawns very rarely in the North Province (Areas One, Two and Three). As pure Normal types, they are weak to Fighting-type moves and immune to Ghost-type moves.