How to crossplay with friends in Embr

Fight fire with friends.


Image via Curve Games

Embr is a wild multiplayer game that tasks a group of firefighters navigating all kinds of dangerous situations. Whether it’s putting out fires, destroying buildings, or salvaging valuables from homes, Embr was made to be played with friends. Featuring co-op between every platform except Nintendo Switch, how exactly does crossplay work in Embr?

Upon beginning a fresh file, you’ll need to complete the tutorial level before you’re allowed to go online. Once that is out of the way, joining matches with friends on other platforms is incredibly simple.

One player can create a crew from the multiplayer menu, which offers public, unlisted, and private options. This creation screen also lets you decide the max player count, which caps at four players. If you begin an unlisted session, a code appears on the top right corner of the host’s screen.

Screenshot by Gamepur

This code can be entered by other players at the “join crew” tab within the multiplayer menu. After typing the code out properly, other players are able to join the session and that’s all there is to it. There’s no need to fiddle with crossplay options or a game-specific friends list. As a neat quality of life feature, disconnected players don’t need to re-enter a session’s code. It remains filled out on the crew screen, only disappearing when the player restarts the game or the host ends the session.

The private crew option is effectively the same as an unlisted session, with the only difference being that the host creates the password that must be entered by other players.