How to defeat Algos Phase 1 in Returnal

Kill the eye, continue your climb.


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When climbing theĀ Tower of Sisyphus in Returnal, you’ll need to work your way through 20 rooms in the first Phase before you finally face the boss. However, this is only the first iteration of the boss, with many more ahead of you. This guide offers a few tips for defeating the boss, Algos Phase 1, to continue your climb.

Start shooting as soon as you see its head

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Algos will slowly rise from below the ring-shaped arena you fight it on. As it does, start shooting it immediately. You’ll deal damage to the boss before the fight has even begun. This is particularly useful when using a weapon that deals damage over time.

Dodge the blue projectiles, watch out for the red ones

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Algos fires blue projectiles followed by red ones in a series of attacks. The red projectiles will always get in your way, whether on the ground or falling onto you. You can dodge through them at the last second, but only if you time your dodges correctly. The blue projectiles are easier to deal with because they come in waves. You can track them and dodge to avoid them easily.

Do your best to avoid beam attacks

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Algos has a couple of beam attacks during its Phase 1 fight that can cause a lot of damage. The first is a cycle of red orbs that will flow from one side of the arena to the other. This one is difficult to dodge, but you can if you move around it at the right time. The second one is a more direct beam that knocks Selene down. Algos forecasts this attack by building the beam up and shifting it around before it hits you.

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Algos will move to the outside of the arena for the second half of the fight, which is the more difficult portion of the battle. However, it will soon move back to the center, where it’s easier to land hits more efficiently. Keep dealing damage, and the boss will die quickly, meaning you should avoid most of the damage that it wants to send your way.