How to defeat Escue boss in Metroid Dread

This creature is the only thing standing between you and the Storm Missiles.

Image via Nintendo

This annoying little bug is arguably one of the toughest challenges in Metroid Dread. With a shield that can nullify all damage, very fast and damaging attacks, and slightly too small boss room, Escue can cause a lot of problems. Thankfully, we’ve got your back with swatting this overgrown fly.

Escue can be challenged in Ferenia, and is the next boss after obtaining the Space Jump. Travel as far west as possible, and you should discover some hidden blocks that can be destroyed leading to a small shaft. Follow this pathway down, and you should come across Escue.

Escue has two phases. The first phase is extremely deadly and will be where most of your trouble lies, while the second phase is extremely easy and not worth sweating at all. In phase one, Escue will occasionally cover its body in electrical energy. If you see this, stop attacking — your attacks won’t do anything, so focus on dodging instead.

Escue will alternate between three attacks:

  • Rush Attack – Escue will point its stinger at Samus, and then attempt to tackle her. Jump and Phase Shift to avoid.
  • Black Orb – Escue will create and throw a black orb at Samus. If this hits the wall, it will dissipate, but if it hits the ground, it will create a shockwave that must also be avoided.
  • Missile Barrage – Escue will fire rapid darkness missiles at Samus. These are tricky to avoid — you can Phase Shift under the boss, or Space Jump over the projectiles, but you will still probably hit at least one.

After dealing enough damage, Escue will melt away into a giant X Parasite — simply jump over it while pelting it with missiles to take it out. After absorbing the X, you will obtain the Storm Missiles, quite possibly the highest damage upgrade in the game.