How to distract Raker so Rocket can hack the drone in Chapter 8 of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Buy time for Rocket.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Image via Square Enix

In Chapter 8 of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, players will run into Raker, a major character in the game. Raker is in charge of the strange cult that is somehow spread influence all over the galaxy. As he leads you through his massive ship, an opportunity will arise to turn the tide in your favor.

As you cross a massive gap on a scary, floating platform you will be able to take the chance to distract him. This will allow Rocket to hack a nearby droning, giving you a new ally, a way to escape the ship.

To do this, you will need to distract Raker by making some very specific dialogue choices, and you can find the relevant ones below.

  • Distract Raker
  • Something about him?
  • Fake Heart Attack

By picking all these options, Raker will be distracted for long enough to allow Rocket to full hack the drone, and the little guy will then be able to lead you out of the ship when you need to escape. It’s a fun sequence that sums up the interesting humor within the game and emphasizes Star-Lord’s willingness to do absolutely anything that he can to make sure his crew comes out on top.