How to Do Bombardment for Sundial in Destiny 2


In Destiny 2, players have to jump into the Sundial on Mercury to fight off the Red Legion as they attempt to take out the Infinite forest. An activity you may need to do while working your way to the Sundial’s boss encounter is called Bombardment.

The event features an influential Red Legion member standing in the middle of a large platform. You and your fireteam cannot shoot or damage him until you eat away his shield, and you can’t do it with your traditional weapons. Instead, you need to kill Red Legion Ordenance Centurians on the right and left sides of the arena. You’ll know you’re fighting the correct ones by the glowing aura around them and the yellow health bar.

Take them out, and then collect the bombs they drop. Grab it and make your way toward the Red Legion boss with a shield to throw it at him. You and your teammates need to do this a couple of times before his protection wears off. When it does, open fire on him and deal as much damage as you can in a short amount of time.

You and your team may have to do this several times before you can advance to the next objective. You have to do this for several bosses if you’re filling up the bar. You won’t fail the Sundial from not completing this objective, but it makes the process of going through the event much faster.

After you complete Bombardment, you’ll move on to the next Sundial event if you haven’t filled up the bar. If you have, you’ll fight the upcoming Red Legion boss to complete the Sundial.