How to Do A Finisher in Darksiders: Genesis


Darksiders: Genesis features an array of enemies for you to face off against, by yourself or with a friend. Several of the enemies are low level, and when they start to reach a certain point in their health bar, they have a small red dot above their head. When you see this, approach them and perform a finisher.

The finisher is a way to make quick work of your enemies, even if they don’t take too long to kill.

When you perform the finisher, Strife or War go into animation and fashionably kill the enemy. Strife may use his blades to take them out, fire his handguns point-blank in their face. War goes out of his way, slice his enemies up, or shoves his entire blade into them, tossing them away like a rag doll.

It’s recommended you go out of your way for these finishers, especially if you’re playing Strife, who typically keeps his distance. Completing these finishes has your enemies drop more items. It may increase the chances of Creature Cores dropping, but we haven’t confirmed this exactly, but it doesn’t hurt your chances if you want to farm them.

If you want to secure more finishers with Strife, make sure to use his ghost hook to pull the enemies in when you see the red dot. This ability brings them in real close, letting you hold the button prompt and take them out in a notable fashion. War also has this ability, so if an enemy is out of reach, he can do the same thing.