How To Do Mercy In Mortal Kombat 11

Follow the instruction provided below on how to do Mercies In Mortal Kombat 11? Rather than finish your opponent off in bloody fashion in Mortal Kombat 11, why not just spare them?

Mercy is an alternative finisher that allows players to spare their opponents, and even give their enemies a slither of health back.

To do a Mercy is pretty simple. It essentially works exactly like a normal Fatality, except every playable character can use it. After winning a match, and once the screen yells out the iconic “Finish Him/Her,” stand a mid-range away from your opponent (the distance should be about half a screen). Hold L2 on the PS4 controller or LT in the Xbox One controller; both of these buttons are the left trigger for their respectful controller. Then press down on the d-pad three times, and after that let go of the trigger.

The words Mercy appear on the screen, and a shiny yellow light will shower over the two fighters. Your opponent will gain a portion of their health back, allowing you to continue on with your match.

To make it easier to understand here’s a simplified version of what you need to do to accomplish mercy –

LR or LT (Hold), Down, Down, Down, (Release)